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Wedding Services


It is hard not to be touched by a wedding ceremony, when the love and commitment feels genuine.

For me, someone who can be quickly put off by self-aggrandisement and pomp and circumstance; weddings are somewhat gross and horrible. But still, when there’s a moment of genuine joy from the couple, all the bullshit peals away, and you realise that whatever the cultural memes through which this joy is filtered and however destructive, insidious and pervasive some of these cultural memes may be, there is still a core of joy there, and that is beautiful, life-affirming and important.

SEO Services


I meet a lot of interesting people who do a lot of interesting things. Recently I started doing some work with Mayfly (Seo services Liverpool) who help you get your website more respected and widely seen on the internet. Maybe that’s what got you here!

The services they provide me have been very helpful, SEO really is a necessary part of being in this highly competitive internet marketplace, it seems.

Mayflies are very interesting insects, which hatch in their millions around the Mississippi river in America every summer. It is quite disgusting for the towns who are blanketed in mayflies every year.

Emergency Services


Where would we be without the Emergency Services?

Well, some of us would be completely dead. I have a complicated relationship with the concept of the police, who obviously exist as a political entity, an extension of the state, and it’s violent arm of self-reservation and enforcement. They also save lives and stop bad people doing some things. All I’d say is that policing has to be a thankless task, they must be constantly tested, they must never feel their power sits too freely, it’s just too great a risk…

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