Venues And Beauty, Architecture And Love

A beautiful wedding obviously requires a beautiful wedding.

It’s essential darling! It is absolutely essential.

You can have everything perfect, but if it’s in a boring, dull, done-a-million-times dunce of a building, then there really is no point.

The dream, really should be that you pick an absolutely fine and fabulous venue that, by very virtue of its fabulousness, demands that all the other elements of your wedding raise their game to meet the venue. A great venue can elevate and average wedding just in the same way that a great house can elevate your life or whatever.


Well that is just a gorgeous place to spend your days, well done!

Nowadays, ‘wedding venue’ does not just mean classic classiness. You can have all types of weddings, in all types of fancy and strange places, places you’d never have thought to base a wedding really, places you probably shouldn’t really be basing your wedding really to the traditionalist sensibility, but screw the traditionalists heh?

Go out there and make it your own. I photographed a wedding at the Pen Factory in Liverpool not too long ago (designed by the Architects at and that was not your usual setting.

But who cares about normal! Run from normal! Be you and be fabulous!

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