The Truth, The Whole Truth And Nothing But The Truth: I Do

I Do. By Ben James Lyle

Those two little words: I do,

The biggest words you’ll ever speak: I do,

Thinking of love and all else: I do,

Thinking of life and release: I do,

Thinking of me and you: I do,

These things I do, I do them for love,

I do them for life, I do them for us,

At the alter and forever: I do.

What is a wedding?

It is a declaration of love.

A declaration of commitment. A declaration of a union. It is a declaration of two people connecting their lives together . One’s life becomes the others. One’s feelings and emotions become the others. One’s dreams mix with the others. When one breathes, one breathes with the other.

It is these moments I wish to capture.





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