Provence: A Wedding In The South of France

Every now and again I’m asked to travel a little further afield to take some photographs…

I’ve had the privilege of being flown out around the world to do my job and I’m always grateful of the opportunity, especially if I’m taken away to a beautiful part of the world that I’ve not seen before. With the growing popularity of weddings abroad, it looks like I’ll be packing my little brown suitcase more frequently in the future, something that I’m not completely adverse to, as long as my expenses are all paid for!

My next wedding adventure takes me out to the spectacular region of Provence in the South of France, a land as well known for its fine wines as its beautiful vistas. The couple in question are the kind of people that I love to photograph. Janet and Ian are both divorcees who had all but given up on ‘finding love’. The road to a happy union can be a rocky and long one, but these two are proof that the journey is most certainly worth it. One of the benefits of getting married a little later in life is that the couple can afford to spend more money on their big day, and their guests can also afford to travel further for the day.

Despite the attractive prospect of a wedding day spent in warmer climes, there are a few more challenges that come with hosting a wedding in a foreign land. Regardless of the stage of life you might be in, not all of your guests will be able to attend. Travelling to a wedding takes time and money, I’ve already been notified from Janet and Ian that a fifth of their invitation list has had to decline due to either the distance or the expense. In response to this they’ve decided to hold a reception party back in the UK that everyone should be able to attend and celebrate their relationship.

For my part I’m very much looking forward to taking a trip out to Provence for the big day, it’s been a while since I’ve taken an extended break overseas and I feel like the time is right for me to really indulge. After having a snoop around the internet for villas to rent in the South of France, it struck that this was the perfect opportunity for me to take my camera and put it to work in a completely different way. For years now I’ve focused solely on photographing people, I’ve trained my eye to capture micro-moments; the glances between newly-weds that would otherwise be forgotten, the proud smile of a Father who is seeing his ‘little girl’ for the last time. I’ve always felt real pride in this skill, but in doing so I’ve not paid attention to the other facets of photography that have been open to me.

I settled on book a full week’s stay at a small villa in Provence with 2 days at the end of this period taken up with the wedding. I’m really looking forward to spending some days wandering around the local area, taking photographs and attempting to take a new look at the world around me – it’ll be the first time in a while that I’ve taken photographs without getting paid for it!

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