Hot Tips For The Summer Wedding Season- Vodka Luges!

So summer ends and the winter comes and that’s how this whole thing works. The planet spins, things are born, and things die. They die, they die and they die again. But they are born, they are born, they are born and they are born again. Birth. Death. Birth. Death. Birth. Death. And that’s fine. The winter is dying, not necessarily that fast, and not necessarily everywhere all at once, but it is dying, and it gives way to the birth of summer.


So the summer is being born and is ready to rumble and you must be too! A wedding in the weather of the summer is completely and absolutely different to a winter one. I’m going to give you a list of things, and you have to say whether you think they fit a Summer Wedding or a Winter Wedding:

  1. Ice Cream
  2. Thick Coats
  3. Tuna
  4. Outdoor games and activities
  5. Warm Tea
  6. Vodka
  7. Milk
  8. Tuna
  9. A 12 piece suit

Answers underneath picture


Answers: 1) Summer 2) Winter 3) Summer 4) Summer 5) Both  6) Winter 7) Summer 8) Winter 9) Summer

An amendment to number 7 about the Vodka. Whilst it may be true that Vodka is better in the winter, hence its popularity in very cold climates like Russia and that (not to encourage the stereotype that they’re all drunk on Vodka all the time). But it can work in the summer, they do special ice sculptures for Weddings now, which makes all the Vodka nice and cool and can be drank in the summer as a refreshing beverage. Wow! Well that’s good for absolutely everyone!

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Venues And Beauty, Architecture And Love

A beautiful wedding obviously requires a beautiful wedding. It’s essential darling! It is absolutely essential. You can have everything perfect but if it’s in a boring, dull, done-a-million-times, dunce of a building then there really no point. The dream, really should be that you pick an absolutely fine and fabulous venue that, by very virtue of its fabulousness, demands that all the other elements of your wedding raise their game to meet the venue. A great venue can elevate and average wedding just in the same way that a great house can elevate your life or whatever.


Well that is just a gorgeous place to spend your days, well done!

Nowadays wedding venue does not just mean classic classiness, you can have all types of weddings in all types of fancy and strange places, places you’d never have thought to base a wedding really, places you probably shouldn’t really be basing your wedding really to the traditionalist sensibility, but screw the traditionalists heh? Go out there and make it your own. I photographed a wedding at the Pen Factory in Liverpool not to long ago (designed by the Architects at and that was not your usual setting. But who cares about normal! Run from normal! Be you and be fabulous!

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Why We Marry, And Why We Make Mistakes

Marriage is a strange thing to do, or at least it can appear so if you attempt to perceive it from some sort of ‘other’ perspective.

‘This is really strange.. why are we doing this?’ well ‘strange’ is simply uncommon, everything is strange that isn’t normal, and marriage has long been normal for the majority of people so it isn’t really strange. If you imagine anything that is common place didn’t exist, and then suggest it, it would seem strange. Apart from, I guess, running water or irrigation. But, in a way, the man does have a point, and that point is about religion. Something like marriage is slowly entering a new reality, a reality where its original ideological justification of religion has less of a grip on peoples perspective on reality. Marriage has always been a ceremonially religious practice, but underneath that surface has lain the true structural requirements it fulfils of economic structure, of familial bonds as they serve capitalism, of the servitude of woman to husband and children and of husband to industry and labour. So, in the end, when the justification for this whole bizarre, aggressive, ritualistic and trapping practice is revealed to simply be ‘tax purposes’ we actually see a key contradiction of our modern world play out.

Denial State - Clean

For large sways of people religion and god is not really a part of their lives. Either they are atheistic or lapsed or simply do not care. Certainly, for a growing section of the population the idea of forming their life and their loves around a relationship with God would seem bizarre. Their are only three drives now; love, pragmatic concerns (money, tax, status) and tradition. Your family wants you to get married, you’ve always wanted to have the ceremony etc etc. The institution snow can perhaps be reformed for these goals. If your marriage is pragmatic then just go sign a form. The irony is this: if marriage is openly pragmatic it may eventually loose its status, as it’s importance and legal status is partially built around its existence as a religious and cultural tradition right, and that religion and that culture continues now as somewhat of a charade (when was the last time you heard two of your friends were getting married in a church and you new they were both deeply religious?) because they have become part of the language of our expression of love and life and its progress.  To get married in a church you have to profess a connection with god, a connection which for many is a lie. If we stop lying, how long will marriage really stick around?


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Winter Style Retrospective- Fur Bobble Hats

Summer is coming and that is a pleasant thing for all, and also a beginning to the busiest time of the year for weddings. I’d say that a majority of people want a summer wedding. Some may fancy snow but no one wants it to rain on their wedding day, there are even a few long running superstitions that rain on your wedding day basically means that your wedding is cursed and you are going to be miserable and you’ll both probably die soon. Not very kind, these superstitions. A little harsh reallllllly to make some young couple think that their marriage is doomed because of something completely out of their control. But hey, what are families for?!

Yeah… good work! Anyways, we’ve reached the end of the winter wedding season and now have the opportunity to take a little look back at some of the styles that emerged over the period. Now, here is something that I have not seen myself and have not been given any pictures of, but apparently Amelia Jane fur bobble hats were popping up all over the place at weddings last winter. The hats are pretty nice…


Just wondering- have you lot seen these all over the place? Am I just being misled? Answers to the normal address…

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Wedding Services, SEO Services, Emergency Services

Wedding Services


It is hard not to be touched by a wedding ceremony, when the love and commitment feel genuine. For me, someone who can be quickly put off by self-aggrandisement and pomp and circumstance, weddings are somewhat gross and horrible. But still, when there, when there is a moment of genuine joy from the couple, all the bullshit peals away, and you realize that what ever the cultural meme’s through which this joy is filtered, and however destructive, insidious and pervasive some of these cultural memes may be, there is still a core of joy there, and that is beautiful, life-affirming and important.

SEO Services


I meet a lot of interesting people who do a lot of interesting things. Recently I started doing some work with Mayfly (Seo services Liverpool) who help you get your website more respected and widely seen on the internet. Maybe that’s what got you here! The services they provide me have been very helpful, SEO really is a necessary part of being in this highly competitive internet marketplace it seems.  Mayflies are very interesting insects, which hatch in their millions around the Mississippi river in America every summer. It is quite disgusting for the towns who are blanketed in mayflies every year.

Emergency Services.


Where would we be without the Emergency Services? Well, some of us would be completely dead. I have a complicated relationship with the concept of the police, who obviously exist as a political entity, an extension of the state, and it’s violent arm of self-reservation and enforcement. They also save lives and stop bad people doing some things. All I’d say is that policing has to be a thankless task, they must be constantly tested, they must never feel their power sits too freely, it’s just too great a risk,..

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The Truth, The Whole Truth And Nothing But The Truth: I Do

I Do. By Ben James Lyle

Those two little words: I do,

The biggest words you’ll ever speak: I do,

Thinking of love and all else: I do,

Thinking of life and release: I do,

Thinking of me and you: I do,

These things I do, I do them for love,

I do them for life, I do them for us,

At the alter and forever: I do.

What is a wedding? It is a deceleration of love. A deceleration of commitment. A deceleration of a union. It is a deceleration of two people connecting their lives together . Ones life becomes the others. Ones feelings  and emotions become the others. Ones dreams mix with the others. When one breaths, one breaths with the other.

It is these moments I wish to capture.





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